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    Melexis showcases dual-head ToF camera at AutoSens Brussels

    管理员:   发布时间:2017-10-30

    At the third edition of AutoSens, aconference about ADAS and autonomous

    vehicle perception technology that aims tobring together

    technical experts at automotive OEMs and Tier-1 suppliers,Melexis willshowcase the dual-head Time-of-Flight (ToF) camera. The camera is based on therecently

    released EVK75123, a ready-to-use ToF camera, and built around two QVGA ToFsensors (MLX75023) and one companion chip controller (MLX75123), enabling awide field of view (45 x 120 deg2 at 640 x 240 pixels or two independent QVGAdetection zones).

    With third party software solutionrunning directly on Melexis'sensor evaluation kits,

    designers will be able to test the ToFtechnology directly, resulting in design-cycle-time reduction and thepossibility to work on the full-blown application right from the beginning. “Wechoose to maintain our ToFarchitecture open to third party solution providers and in order to offer afull product portfolio to customers, we keep on working on enhanced QVGAsensors and high resolution VGA,” explains GualtieroBagnuoli, Marketing Manager Optical Sensors for Melexis.

    The compatibility between DepthSense?software libraries and Melexis'sevaluation kit is a big step forward for the automotive industry,” states SoftKinetic Sr.Director Sales and Business Development Johannes Peeters. For instance, DepthSense? CARlibenables robust and accurate hand and pose tracking to naturally control theinfotainment system and reduce driver distraction. “OEMs and Tier-1’s now haveaccess to an all-encompassing - from hardware to software -, and easy toimplement solution to integrate state-of-the-art infotainment gesture controlinto production vehicles.” At IAA, SoftKinetic will also showcase, for the very firsttime, their DepthSense?in-cabin monitoring library (ICMlib),which enables the detection of human on the seat and tracks hands and headposition and orientation.

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